What We Do

SJCHFA strives to increase housing options for the “Missing Middle Market”, residents who earn 60% of the median household income. They do this by issuing bonds to developers who include qualifying housing in their local projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the SJCHFA offer loans to home buyers?

At this time, the SJCHFA only works with housing developers. We can refer home buyers to the developers who have taken part in our bond project, and to other organizations specifically aimed at homebuyers.


Does the Housing Finance Authority use tax money?

St. Johns County HFA has no taxing authority.


Is a Housing Finance Authority a for-profit organization?

No. The SJCHFA is a quasi-public organization which answers to the State of Florida and is governed by both State and Federal statutes. No taxes are used to fund their activities. In Florida, Housing Finance Authorities fall under regulations that apply to all special districts.