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The Housing Finance Authority of St. Johns County (the “HFA”) also known as St. Johns County HFA is a public body created pursuant to the Chapter 159, Part IV, Florida Statutes, as amended.

Established March 6, 1980, by Ordinance 80-7 and governed by the Florida Housing Finance Authority Law and Resolution 80-25, this quasi-public special district in Florida is overseen by seven members with not less than a majority of the members knowledgeable in the following fields: commerce, labor and finance. 

The HFA was established for the purpose of alleviating a shortage of affordable housing facilities and to provide capital for investment in such facilities for low, moderate, and middle income families in St. Johns County.

Special District

The Housing Finance Authority is a public body, corporate and political, exercising the public and essential governmental functions set forth in Florida Statutes §§159.601, et seq. It exercises its power to borrow only for the purposes provided for in the statute to encourage investment by private enterprise and stimulate the construction and rehabilitation of housing through the use of public financing and the provision of low-cost loans to purchase affordable housing.

The full legal name of the special district:  The Housing Finance Authority of  St. Johns County

The public purpose of the special district: To help alleviate the shortage of housing available at prices or rentals which many persons and families can afford, and provide capital for investment in such housing.

The fiscal year of the special district: October 1 through September 30


Our support for attainable and affordable housing improves availability and opportunity for a continuum of housing choices for the residents of St John County.

Service Area

St. Johns County HFA services St. Johns County including, but not limited to: St. Augustine, St Augustine Beach,  Ponte Vedra, Hastings, Switzerland, Crescent Beach, Tocoi, Bakersville, Picolatta, Orangedale, Fruit Cove, Summer Haven, Vilano Beach, and all unincorporated areas of the county.